Nintendo Switch Online Gets A New Update And A Surprising Game Leaks Early? | News Wave

Nintendo announced the next N64 game to come to the service bringing up a new issue for subscribers. The NVIDIA Leak continues on with a new trademark pointing to another game on the list.

Video Games on sale:

Kirby And The Forgotten Land:
Ghost Wire Tokyo:
Gran Turismo 7:
Triangle Strategy:
Elden Ring:
Horizon Forbidden West:
Dying Light 2:
Pokemon Legends Arceus:
Mario Party Superstars:

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00:00 – Start

00:41 – Valve Ramping Up Steam Deck Orders For Q2

1:59 – Splatoon 3 New Website Launches In Japan

3:20 – Gran Turismo 7 Patch Goes Live

4:27 – Mario Golf Coming To NSO Next Week

9:33 – Tactics Ogre Reborn Trademark

11:56 – Need For Speed Update

13:55 – Stray Rated In Korea

15:12 – Poll

16:12 – Comment Of The Day

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